I had the pleasure of working with Denise for 4 years and throughout that time, she exhibited the highest degree of work ethics. She always made herself available to use her expertise and knowledge to Insightly answer my billing questions for a large dental department. Anyone working with Denise can rest assured they are in the competent hands of a caring professional!

Farnaz Tamari, D.D.S

It was my joy and pleasure to work with Denise Judge for 15 years. It was not only her technical skills wide-ranging understanding of health insurance as well as medical claims but also amazing positive attitude her positive attitude and team building skills were also necessary and valued not just by myself, but also by her peers, who relied on her to get job done

Anna Tychanski RN

It was an honor and pleasure to work with Denise Judge. In addition to having a very comprehensive understanding of health insurance and medical claims, she is also one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. She is incredibly organized and always follows through to make sure the job gets done. She also is extremely empathetic and understands the human element behind insurance claims.

Maria D Bediako

I have worked with Ms. Denise Judge for over fourteen years on several projects primarily related to health insurance claims analysis and resolutions. Not only does she understand the complexities of institutional and professional billing, her analytical and technical skills, her attention to detail and ability to find solutions to issues are outstanding as is her integrity, reliability and consistency in delivery.

As a professional in her new provider solutions venture, you can be confident Ms. Judge is vested in your success. Contact her!

Connie Crawford

Denise is easy to work with and is an experienced in all aspects of healthcare benefits and billing. She truly cares about her clients and is a great partner. I highly recommend her and her business!

Heather Jucha RN, CCM