DJ Provider Solutions is a professional billing service dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice. We offer a variety of highly personalized services that can improve your cash flow and lower your operating expenses. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and small group practices. DJ Provider Solutions carefully balances our client base in order to ensure that each client will receive our complete and undivided attention! In addition to premium claims processing & practice management services, we proudly offer the following dynamic solutions…

As your medical billing service, we do everything in our professional capacity to turn things around in terms of first-time claim acceptance.

We keep healthcare professionals updated with EOBs/ERAs at the time of electronic delivery of payments under Accounts Receivable.

With Meaningful Use, now Promoting Interoperability (PI), we ensure a high-performance score with incentives in MIPS 2020.

Clinicians can adapt and improvise with us to pick the measures associated with their specialties that will result in improved patient-reported outcomes.

We take care of collections and revenue cycle management disparities, ensuring payment posting and careful execution of the steps involved in medical billing.

Provider credentialing services are part of the portfolio where we verify your credentials for provider networks. It changes your status to in-network providers.